Do You Know the Meaning of Your Family Name?




Ignorant is not an absence of learning. Neither is intelligence, education a guarantee to absence of ignorant. In fact, there are more educated illiterates than ignorant illiterates.

Did you know the meaning of your father or family name? If yes, then you shouldn’t have qualms building a house in your village because that investment is a representation of your belief in your family name. It helps preserved your Family Tree and history forever. We are shadow of our yesterday and we are the product of fathers.

As Africans, we must cherish our Cultural Values and Heritage. Europeans have no Culture except Heritage. But, as Africans, we are blessed with a rich culture and heritage. More reason we must preserve the best of our past for the next generation.

We must be careful we don’t allow shallow western thinking makes us a debased materialistic individual. As Africans, it’s our responsibility to bring our children home to learn about their place of original. Those so called Europeans/America investment or Lagos, Abuja, Nairobi, Johannesburg, Accra, Maputo, Bulawayo, Kinshasa, Abidjan, brought up deserves to know their roots. The only thing making a lost generation is unintentional parents.

In fact, our culture revolves around family and community. Everything is not about money, money or investment. An obsession/addiction with materialism devoid humanity of compassion and humaneness. One of the biggest investment you will ever invest is to erect a beautiful, modest home in your ancestral homes. It’s a preservation of your family thresholds.

It’s a place you really call home, where your family has firmly planted their roots on unbreakable ground. Your ancestors came and settled in that land hundreds of thousands of years ago because they found rest, blessing in the land.

They erected their homes where it is now because they found stability and they build a community in that very area, which they, through hundreds of years has raised one generation to another. Their spirit was lay to rest in that very land. Then are you taking that part of your history for granted?

Whereas your abode in big cities, Nairobi, Lagos, Johannesburg, Accra, Maputo, Bulawayo, Kinshasa, Abidjan, Europe, America, Asia, you’re just sojourner passing time and space but your ancestral village is your permanent home of rest. Is the reason, as Africans, we loved to bury our beloved in our ancestral home village. Is not a taboo or superstition but it’s a celebration of life, culture and custom of our people. A reminder to the young generation that you belonged to your own people.