WPP JrWilliam Patrick Praise, author/Inspirational speaker, social entrepreneur, community organizer, Social Justice Advocacy/Civil Rights Activist, founder of Comfort Place CDC– a community enrichment development initiative. Specialized in human capital development.

Prior to his establishment of Comfort Place, WPP served in several Not for profit organizations/Corporate Organization. He is a multi-talented and multi-dimensional genius, blogger/writer, Human Capital development facilitator, Marriage/relationship counseling counselor, Rape victim/traumatized, business development consultant, investment analyst and independent producer.

NAACP -National Association for the Advancement of Colored People)
NAN - National Action Network USA

Williams Patrick Praise continues to share his experience to thousands of people every year at conferences, churches, Radio, colleges and corporate bodies. Teaching wisdom principles like a good shepherd guides the sheep’s step by step to green pasture for a better life.  A dynamic writer/inspirational speaker blessed with wisdom revelation.


• Mobil Oil National and Essay Award1991.

• STATOIL National and Essay Award 1992.

• STATOIL National and State Essay Award 1992.

• General Mammam Sanni Kontanmgora’s Honouree Award. 1994. 

• Baobab Certificate of honour for Promotion in Women’s right 1998.

• A songwriter contract in Hollywood California USA.

• Honorary mentioned on international literary expo Osaka Japan 1996 etc.

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