The Philosophy and Personal Affirmation of  
Williams Patrick Praise Jr

In a cloudy world with many ways I’m humbling treading the narrow way, to find myself and become more me every day, is my ultimate goal.

I try not to live after the shadow of other people but to be inspired motivated by the positive stories in this world. Find my own star and keep it shining on the upward way.

If I live to be myself everyday my living will be less burdensome.
If I truly find myself the world will be pleased with me and I will be pleased with myself and my Maker will I shall fulfill.

In mine self doubt, I will believe in myself
In my fear I shall find enough courage to keep believing the impossible
In my failing I shall summon the courage to keep on moving
In my success I shall remain humble because what I am does not make who I am its God’s grace in me that makes who I am. I was already born a star is just that I wasn’t known until the time I became more well known.

I shall give love to one woman because women are like sugar and honey
A man can never have enough of them. A man with one woman is better than one with many. More women more troubles, more heart aches and more pains and sorrows. A man never becomes wise while he is old. It’s from his childhood that he learn wise ways.

I choose to keep smiling even if there is nothing to smile about.
I shall continue to forgive because it’s only in the grave there is no hurts.
I shall enjoy the fruits of my labour and be benevolent, because “Blessed is the hand that gives than the hand that takes.”

I shall honour my father and mother for the way I treat my parents is the same way my children will treat me.

I shall honour protect and preserved the name of my family for a good name is better than a thousand sack of gold.

I shall be a good and productive citizen of my country.
Dear world, I am path of you and you are path of me.
What I want is what you want please let just get along.

Celebrating 25 years of Global Mission, Civil Engagement and Community Organizing.

Williams Patrick Praise Jr
Comfort Place Community Development Centre

Christ in you, the hope of glory. Col 1:27

Editor/Publisher  –Celebrating Esanland Cultural Heritage.

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