Celebrating 11 years of Tuberculous Cure.

Celebrating 11 years of Tuberculous Cure.

To God be the glory!!!

On August 12, 2009 I was diagnosed on a routing visit to an hospital check-up, that I had Tuberculous (TB) with couple of months to live due to infections in my organs and lung. Although, I feel well with few symptoms of fever, I just never knew I could be dead anytime until I went on a routine check-up to Lincoln Hospital, New York, on August 12, 2009.

On that very day, after almost 8 hours of going through various test, the Doctor called me to his office and said, “Sir, I’m sorry  I am going to have to admit you right NOW,  is an emergency. If you hadn’t come TODAY, you might be dead anytime. TB has spread over vital organs of your body and lung.”

For four months I was in isolation, in a special ward, all by myself alone. Six doctors were assigned to my case. At first, they didn’t understand how to treat my illness, all they did was stabilized me – keep me alive while waiting for multi test lab results. One night, I had “out of body experience”, where I see my spirit separated from my body, my body just lying in bed and I can see it, lifeless while in the spirit I’m alive. I’ve seen death with my eyes. To deny “after life” is to deny your soul eternity. So many people are just too afraid to die that they live less. Concentrate on living! When time comes the flower will wither then you can cross that river, only prepare ahead!

I had good Samaritan visitor once, for the rest days, weeks and months in the hospital I was alone by myself but only the Most High was with me. I had to force myself to eat hospital food just so medication will work. I literally ate that meal by force, closing my eyes and forcing the food through my throat with water just because I had no choice, I was all alone by myself. Hospital food is never the best it could but it can be better.

Doctors and nurses wonder how I cope in loneliness of pain. It was a mystery to them but to me it was a miracle. The word went around the hospital that, there is a patience in so and so ward, yet in a terrible state of illness but never complain, still has smiles in his face. Many doctors and nurses came just to see me and also to keep me company, although they weren’t assigned to my case.

During treatment I met couple of patience’s whose been battling the disease for a decade, that TB drugs has become resistant to their treatment. It’s a nightmare that you have to swallow medications every day for months, even years with terrible side effects, no cure.

For 9 months I battled the disease and finally was discharge March 2, 2010, with another 3 years of therapy– to fully recover from drugs side effects. It’s a long story of melancholy of which I’m not able to narrate it all now, that I could only sum up in Nelson Mandela thought. “But the human body has enormous capacity for adjusting to trying circumstances. I found that one can bear the unbearable if one can keep one’s spirits strong even when one’s body is being tested.”

Please don’t envy me because you have no idea the battle I’ve fought to get myself to where I am and the sacrifices that I’ve made. People just hate you for the Lord’s blessing over you but they don’t know you have suffered in silence through many years to arrive in your present day of glory.  

You must never apologize for the life you live as long as your lifestyle don’t offend God. The world wants to see you suffer but God will never allow them if you genuinely follow his direction and be obedience to Him alone.

I’m grateful to the Almighty God and I will say if you’re battling cancer, diabetic, whatever the illness or diseases, don’t be afraid to live or to die but make sure you battle for your soul. That’s all that matters really.

Keep your spirit strong!!!
When the spirit is strong a weak body will succumb to victory. But, when the mind is weak, it can’t carry the body.

When I fought and defeat TB, living didn’t mean anything to me and death wasn’t my fear but I knew my time hasn’t come, even if it was death I was ready to go. It’s the saving of our soul, that matter.

For whatever you do, remember the more right and truthful you are in this wicked world the more people will hate you. The valuation of yourself shouldn’t depend on people’s negative narration of your character – out of envy and jealousies, but your validity lies on your own best valuation of yourself.  Unfortunately, so many people are walking on other men’s shadows, thereby denying themselves their full rights to living fulfilled.   

Moral Lesson
Never apologies for the life you live as long as is not an offence to God. - @WPPraise