Social Media Detoxification

Social Media Detoxification

The Balance of NI-Natural Intelligence from AI-Artificial Intelligence-WPPRAISE

There're two life's, In this present life. Living in REALITY and out of REALITY.

The natural life and the Artificial world.

The latter AI-artificial intelligence define social media. They that follow the crowds are heading nowhere. Get off social media before you loss your mind.

Social Media excesses have become a toxic public place contaminated by vulture carcasses-fake news, conspiracy theories, misinformation and errors. Its delusional, influenced and populated by inhuman behaviour, where ignorant bullying thrives for pleasure than empathy and compassion, because of misguided ideologies of the true meaning of life.

Those pompous in their ignorance increase in mediocrity, for they have the stage-social media to themselves populated by folks of their kind and likes.

Social media addiction/obsessions birth inhumanity.

Many having the form of human but living in denial.

Social media removes our humanity and replaces it with toxic abnormality. we become wicked, having no feelings like machines, computer, tablets, keyboards, cell phones, video games. It consumed our time-brain physiology, psychology developments and ruins our mind. So many of us have lost connections to our minds and hearts, controlled by animate objects like phone, PC, machines and gargets, we just react without thinking anymore.

Because of artificial obsessions, we've become irrational and uncontrollably evil with our feelings, postings. Like a vampire we get sucked into wickedness causing damages to lives because we're driving by "likes & online trends".

we live in a human body but are not human anymore but worse than animals, lacking in empathy, sympathy and love. AI -Artificial Intelligence has ruined many life's, so we need detoxification from social media addiction.

Parents should endeavour to educate their children about the danger of Social Media obsessions/addiction. It's more addictive than drugs, alcohol and cocaine. The less time spent on social media, the better. It's better to read a good book, play games with playmate that stimulate conversation, interaction for leisure than spending entire leisure time on Facebook, Instagram, tiktok and the likes constantly alone by our self consuming artificial energy.

Kids need to get out of the house and play too much electronic consumption- video game leads to antisocial behaviour.

  •         AI (Artificial Intelligence) addiction leads to mental redundancy
  •         It hinders the minds from growth, development-and cognitively thinking.
  •         it creates test tube babies-adults who never grow out of their infants' minds

Parents also should lead by example by controlling and contain their obsessions for social media toxicity. You can't make rules break it and expect children to abide by your rules. Did you think you're leading-robots?

AI- (Artificial Intelligence) excessive obsessions produce and release negative energy, leading to mental fatigued, overweight,  mental stress, overreaction, mental delusions, insecurity and self-devaluation.  Obsessions for "likes and share trends" are the end products of social media addictions. It ruined and disenfranchised individual minds by disengagement from reality into artificiality-which is the separation of mortal existence from its natural state to delusional illusions, a nebulous existence. You can't be walking backward and expect to move forward.

Whereas, NI- (Natural Intelligence) such as active community engagement, through personalized socialization, fellowship with human beings, chatting, personal/group exercise,  playing games with peers, a walk in the park, fishing, biking, swimming, sharing meal together, comedy facilitated through mutual engagement, community service, having lunch dinning and playing with friends without devices releases natural hormones within our body that trigger happiness, releases us from stress and thereby freeing our body from fatigue and mortal melancholies.  Comedy and laughter releases and calm nerves.

Even simple things as smiling, compliments release nerves and relaxes our muscles.

Laughter and smiles generate happiness.

Children can learn survival and social skills through social programs and community association, by going out there and explore the world. No lion is going to eat anybody in the street if we leave the house.  We all should learn to be street wise and not be fearful of the street. "Everything you ever need are on the other side of fear". "No man is an island unto himself."

Moral Lesson:
For a healthy mental health detox from social media. An AI (artificial intelligence) dependency will ruin your NI-natural intelligence. WPPRAISE