Erased and deletes Pentecostal theological delusion out of your mind. If not, it will drive you crazy and leads you to frustrations.

“I’m strong” whereas you’re ill and sick

“I’m rich” whereas you’re as broke as hell

“It is well” whereas you’ve just lost your job-your only means of livelihood. And you’re telling us “It is well.” Whereas you’re dejected and demoralized and you’re just pretending it’s all good to lose your only means of livelihood.

If I’m not a member of this delusion, how may I concur your reason?

You’ve just be layoff- retrenched and you got three mouths to feed, house rent to pay and a friend ask you, “what’s going on Joe” and you’re saying, “it is well” The gods must be crazy. You need to reconfigure your mind to a natural state.

Single with kids:
Single and unmarried, you’ve almost pass the flower of your age, you’re still unrealistic about relationships-still looking for a manmade man, a rich man to marry instead of been open to work with a man of vision you can both build each up. You can’t have two kids and come to church acting as virgin. Whereas your age, kids limit your marriage choices. At list be humble so that you might receive grace for a higher upliftment. Single woman of “grace” empathy and character are in a better position of attracting worthy men than those out of character.

You’re a 27th years old lady and your relationship advisers are a 35-40 years old single woman, “Don’t marry that man, he’s too old for you.” She advice.

Don’t you know my dear she’s your competitor? Many people don’t want you to succeed in what they have failed at. They want you to repeat their mistakes so that your story can be the same as their own. Never take advice from folks who can’t advise them self.

The list is endless.

There are many frustrated folks in church because of delusional mind-sets. If your mind is condition to operate in unrealistic expectant states of affairs – without a clear provision to meet your present “high expectations”, you’re bound to be frustrated, operating in unbelief’s than in faith. A problem shared is a problem share. Often times sharing one’s problem lift you from the weight of the problems. At list, now you know it’s not only you, other people are going through a worst situation than you do.

One’s present reality is not the absent of one’s faith.
Keep the faith but don’t be delusional.