Risk Challenge & Gain-Daily Dish WPPraise

Fowl and birds has wings but they exist with different purpose. You just can’t light a fire with an empty pot on the stove. Likewise, you just can’t venture into business without learning the secret of the trade. Wise counsel is better than a sack of gold. Because when you’re wise and have understanding gold  and silver becomes the reward for your labour.

Before venturing into business or enterprise you should know the:

1.    Risk

2.    Challenge

3.    Gain

These three, Risk, Challenge and Gain exist in any opportunity. They’re like the 3 wise monkeys:

Sense of hearing

Sense of seeing

Sense of talking     

Most profitable prospect has more risk than fantasy, challenges than courage and more gain than loss. It takes gut to take a risk. This is the reason why only few people realized their dream, why we have more followers than leaders, more fans than game changer. More reason why before venturing into any business these three buddies-Risk, Challenge and Gain should be well understood and define. The gain must outweigh the risk and  challenge.

Now the risk must be understood, the challenge well define and solution profess before mining your swamp for gold and get rich.

You do not just run a horse in the field except you define the direction you want to go and the horse will take you to your destination.  Before you begin the journey’s, you must learn to make preparations for the road ahead. Make provisions for enough supplies and have plan B in case your original plans fail. Because, honestly nothing is guaranteed until you win. No man chooses poverty as his destiny. The rich become bankrupt and poor and the poor becomes wealthy and rich-that’s the irony of human living. Rich today poor tomorrow. Poor today powerful tomorrow. You may quit your Nigeria half million job salary and head for America, there is no guarantee you will make it in America.

Often time we plan, by the time we get to the field of live, we suddenly realized the idea that work perfectly in Kano won't work same way in Kenya, Boston or Johannesburg. You may need to tweak it to fit your present abode or pack up and go back to the beginning of how you used to live before in your winning days. Not all businesses is profitable I mean although it look promising.

Risk, Challenge and Gain, these three friends exist together and they're a blessing instead of a curse. It all depends on your perspective and your altitude to work and the state of your mind.

Risk: Risk let you know the potholes ahead of time before you begin working on your idea or venture. So you can beware of the pitfalls that lies ahead and avoid it.

That before you take a leap, jump a rope understand the process of leaping and jumping a Rope.

Risk helps us to avoid the mistakes others before us have made so we may not work that path again that leads to debt, business miscarriage's due to carelessness.

The reason some of you are losers, I’m not sorry to say, it’s because of your pride- you're a knuckle head. You resist wise counsel, arrogant and big headed for nothing, broke but acting rich. No wonder you swim backward instead of forward. Don’t blame the devil, your daddy or mommy, that’s childishness. Own up to your irresponsible lifestyle and change yourself, so that your world will experience the development you have deny yourself by your out of character behaviour.

Challenge: Challenges prepares us mentally for the constant pressures of the unexpected failures costly mistakes and errors, battle that we will face ahead of time, for they're unavoidable.  We must fail enough to  be wise  especially if we allow our self to learn from our fault line, which reveal to us where we need improvement the most in our life’s.

Gain: Market Research Matter-You must understand your market. You can't just wake up jump into Real Estate just because you heard your neighbour is making good money in that business. What did you know about Real Estate? What did you know about Akara-Bean cake business? Why should I buy your Akara-bean cake whereas I already have my supplier?

You must define the benefit folks will gain when they buy your products.

Folks might be reluctant to buy your new products that’s probably better than similar products that’s already exist in market. Although your product is far better. You have to consistently knock the door until you break the door and gets in.

keep improving your standard and service, you will be noticed as long as you persist. Who lied to you that life is easy, that it’s a bed of roses? But remember roses has thorns.  

Research and know your market:

1.    Define the purpose of your business.

2.    How will it benefit your host community?

3.    Remember, money is an exchanged of a problem solved.

4.    All profitable businesses solve problems.  In exchanged they get paid for the problems they solved.

5.    Do not sell a product or services you won’t use or buy for yourself. If you don’t like what you sell why should someone else buy it?

In all labour there is gain. So choose your battle correctly. It’s not every man that buy the flowers that kisses a girl. Please share: @WPPraise