To ponder impossibility is to limit one’s destiny. WPPraise

There Is Nothing Like “ANCESTRAL CURSES”.

It’s a theological jargon - mind control tactics, brain washing that birth mental delusion.

How can you look at yourself-a magnificent creation of the Almighty and set yourself up for failure because you’re delusional? 

Never accept negative statements utter by human being. Once you believe it, it will become the vehicle that drives your DESTINY.

In rising we fall in falling we rise. He who is eager to rise quickly who disregards the falling part in rising is not yet ready for stability. The failing, mistaken part is a lesson that teaches and helps us to recognize our Fault-line-where we need improvement the most. Until you fixed your fault lines, you will continue to get same result as like any other day.

Experience come through years of practice
, isn’t it? It’s through trier an error that human birth inventions. Your today discomfort can become your greatest comfort tomorrow. We need to correct our character to change our Character. Often time, it’s one of the greatest obstacles standing in our way to triumph and success.

Some people are proud to be knuckle head’s, please enjoy your trouble and leave us peacemakers out of your confused destiny you’ve chosen for yourself.

Why marry at all when you know you are not ready to build a peaceful home. It takes sacrifice to make a peaceful home. In a stable home, there is a King and a Queen. The King protect his Queen and his Queen make him King so she might be the ultimate Queen. Some things are hard for some people to understand because their minds are closed.

Before you fix the world, try to fix yourself first. Aren’t nobody going to love you if you’re not in love with yourself.

Remember: To ponder impossibility is to limit one’s destiny.