Daily Dish - The Untold Lies Abroad Life WPPraise


Some people in diaspora like to lie about their abroad life. If you tell people the truth about your finances, then it’s more difficult to be blackmailed into giving money you don’t have. 

Folks back home use emotional blackmail, and religious sentiments to lie to those in oversea to rip them off their hard earn money.

The UK or Western system - economy is well planned man, it doesn't give you that space to make so much and save so much. Managers and senior men in UK or America Western World even worship 100quid like its Gold. If I tell you an average American cannot boast of $1000 in their account, will you be surprise? Don’t be because you can live in West World for 20 years, yet you have nothing to show for it.

Abroad is not a joke. protect your sweat invest your money wisely. Having America, UK, Italian Canadian passport doesn’t mean you are rich or live a life of luxuries.

Every nation has poverty and ghettos, slums and skyscrapers. Good and evil.

There are too many stranded people abroad, with wasted dreams. Never deny where you come from because you can never walk in another man’s shadows.
 Before you jump consider the cost and find out where you are going. Nothing is guarantee except you know what you want out of live.

 A word they say is enough for the wise,