There are many games women play on men.

The body game
the mind game
The talking game
The motherly game
The sister game
The wife game

Women has many ways of getting through to a man's heart. They either love their way to your heart or manipulate their way into your heart.

Most men thinks their aggressiveness is force to match with against woman excess power. Unfortunately, women influence over men is a proof of her excessive power.

After God women has the most powerful influence over men. You can ask Prophet Samson or Chief what his 26 years old wife is doing to him at home. It was Eve that was deceived not man. Why? The enemy knows if he gets the woman he's gotten the man.

What makes sugar test better than sugar? It’s those that consumed it that understand the worthiness of it.

Moral Lesson 1
Never underestimate the power of a woman

Words of wisdom from a Woman of understanding.

"Women: it’s okay to honour and respect your husbands, cook for him, serve him, do his laundry and generally take care of him. Don’t be carried away by the hullabaloo around. Cultivate an atmosphere of love and honour in your beautiful home.

And if you decide not to, please don’t make fun of women who do. Leave them alone!

The key takeaway here is ‘it’s okay’ to do these things for your husband. I’m not endorsing slavery or misogyny. I’m only encouraging you that you’ll be fine if you did.

Women are just better nurturers. Why are most career paths in healthcare, children education, Human Resources, etc dominated by women? Imagine taking your baby to daycare and all the staff are men...

My mom was my dad’s boss for 3 years but she still would come home and make sure he was well taken care of. We had cooks but she was always the one who served him his food. I admire how much she has honoured my dad for 43 years and counting." Dr. Ann Amuta


You know friends; this message is for women of understanding only. Many years ago, when I was in my teen. I took a cassette recorder and ask my mother to educate me about "The role of a woman". Mother said to me: "Son, for a man to respect & honour a woman, it begins with the woman." She did explain the process to me but that quote stays with me. My mother is my hero. Be a real human being or someone else opinion, the choice is ours and the consequences of our decisions is ours to bear alone too.

If you want to be wise learn from the wise and work with the wise. Many people do not have any idea what live is really all about. They think it’s everything is about them forgetting that Live is driving by purpose.

Unfortunately, many women undermine their values. Perhaps they don't know the role of a NATURAL WOMAN, the reason we have unending gender war.

Remember, it's your HOME don't let the RULES of the world ruin it for you dear. The home is the greatest institutions of all. A woman is a nation builder. That nation begins from the home.