Many of  you are so benevolent, full of empathy caring and compassionat that you do not know how to say "No".

Whenever folks asked you for assistance, you always oblige "yes", although this same people have taken advantage of your kindness and take  you for granted. When you manage to say "No" you feel guilty and sorry for yourself for doing what is right for you.

We’re victim of these unfortunate occurrences. I try to be kind and be compassionate, in my humaneness I get robbed and consistently taken advantage off. Are you feeling me?

Come with me, perhaps we can learn one or two things from each other experience. Before we go further, we all should agree never again to do good to those who under value our values. Rather concentrate on working with men and women who add value to our values.

Why is it that a wise mother never says “yes” to all her children request?  Although she knows food is good for the body, she constantly cautions her child against gluttony? Eating without exercising and disciplines birth dummies.

One of the greatest challenge men and women of good will faced is learning to say "No" without feeling guilty for saying it.

Men and women of good constantly hurt them self, used again and again because they do not know how to Separate judas from  Paul. So, folks take advantage of them, taking their benevolence for granted.

Saying “No” is healthy for your health and wellbeing of your mind.

Is not every "help me" request that deserves " yes". There're times to say “No” without feeling self-quilt or alienated.

Why say Yes, all the time when you know you are been used?
The kinder you are the more vulnerable and fallible you become. But your vulnerability doesn't mean weakness, but you need to manage it and remain healthy and continue to do what gives you joy- giving and helping folks in need, but do good to those who knows the value who add value to your values.

There is time to say “No” and there is a time to say “Yes”. Not every time “yes”. That’s not healthy. We must learn to separate pretenders, users, abusers and maintain relationship with those who are truly genuine. Who have your interest at heart.

Your given may lead to poverty, loss of scarce resources because it wasn’t properly invested, you never get return of your investment, that's the main reason why you need to consistently evaluate your given.

Ungrateful folks knows how to take advantage of benevolence people. Because you have not learnt to say "No", they take advantage of that loophole to rip you off and steal from you by taking advantage of you.

Moral Lesson:

1.      Saying No does not make you’re a bad person.

2.     Learning to say " No" helps us to get better value out of our given- helping people in need.

3.     If you never make people realize what they are doing to you is wrong, they will continue to step on your toes and hurt you knowingly or unknowingly.

4.     You can’t donate people out of poverty. Consumption encourage liability thereby creating dependency. But productivity leads to increase in income and earnings. while consumption decreases income and earnings.

5.     We must all be productive to meet our needs.

Remember, you can’t save the world. Live healthy and stop allowing people to take advantage of you.