Why Good Men Marry Dysfunctional Bad Women and Why Good Women Marry Bad Men

How to avoid marriage pitfalls.
by WPPJr

One morning and days ago, I woke up under a beautifully decked sunshine lace Africa sky, with cloud land passing before Osanobua God cleanings winds. Children wake to the sounds of warm, lovely beginnings, with dews on green grasses. The bird sings halleluiah in their native tongue all day, and only Motherland understands its rhythm. For when the night falls their singing will be over and the never-ending insect’s siren siren siren of the night takes over. 

At night falls - especially during the full moon, little children play hide and seek game, listening to griot narrate their favourites folk’s tales to while the night away. The elders merged themselves in adult talks while the night wears slowly away, little children dozed off under sweet mama's laps.

There are many parts to humans, even to themselves that they don't understand and will never fully grasp, and it's better we leave somethings the way they are and never try to find the answer to every question you might have on your heart. Riddle is not meant to be understood by all, and neither is one food intended to be favourite to everyone. What appeal to A might not be what appeal to Q to Z. Please leave me as I am. The shoe that I'm wearing fits me quite well, although it may look weird on your feet. Let me be me as I am just as I am, and you be you just as you are.

In the beginning, And God saw everything he has made, and, behold, it was very good. Genesis 1:31

When we seek to understand all things, we become a victim of what we already know. It’s like food, folks, die without eating, and people die from overeating. Some eat and become wise, and others overeat food; it turns them to fools.

I've been studying human behaviour for a long while now. The more I learn, the more there is more to understand. Human beings are complex. When you think you've learned so much about them, suddenly, you discover the new reality about mortality that surprises you beyond human comprehension. We never finish knowing ourselves talk less of knowing other people. Only God knows you better than you do yourself.

We surprise ourselves all the time. So, expect surprises when you mingle with human beings.

When you deal with human beings, expect to see what you don't wish to see. Expect to hear what you don't want to hear. 

·        Expect to learn what you never wish to learn. 

·        Expect to see what you never wish to see

·        Expect to smile and laugh. 

·        Expect to get mad and get cured by the madness or lost forever in the insanity that's infested in you– God help us all. 

·        Expect songs of reasons expect songs of foolishness. Age doesn't guarantee sense. The older some of us get, the more foolish we become. Understanding comes with age, but wisdom is not guaranteed to everyone.

·        Expect the unexpected. Expect fools talk expect wise talk. 

·        Expect animal behaviour expect human behaviour. 

·        Expect benevolent expect wickedness, 

·        Expect tolerant expect intolerance. 

·        Expect childish behaviour expect adult behaviour but do not expect too much. The more you expect so much, the more you will be disappointed.

We expect so much from people that we become disappointed — so much expectation less delivery. Never expect from people what you do not have to offer. We're a reflection of what we see in the world, either positive or negative. If you're good news, give glory to the Almighty for his blessings. Woe betide the evil ones.

Good men often end up with evil women and good women usually up with an evil man. Organized men often end up with dysfunctional women and kind-hearted stable woman often time ends up with irresponsible, lazy men. The irony of life, some of the decision – mistakes we make in life we get to live with it every day.

Fortunately, you can retake individual wrong decisions in this life. Whether it is a wrong career or relationship decision, you can decide to end that miseries trauma right now. Some men/women will die an early death due to the dysfunctional woman/man they have in their lives.  

God did not create us to be a slave to our wrong decision or mistakes.

Peter denies Jesus and still fulfils a vivid dream by rectifying – retaking his mistakes. Matthew 26:69:75. Often time than not, until we retake a particular decision in our life's things will never get better for good. Everyone does not have the gut to retake a walk; only a few works their talk. Some of us talk more than we walk our talk. Those who do less talk the more. While those who do more talk the less. Living to some of us is mocking while to others is a gaze in the sun. I wish you sunshine, dear!

Achievers keep busy in the womb of conceptions, searching for a better idea to solve the unachievable. While busybodies are doing the talk, achiever are walking their talk.

Dear friends, please do not mock those that wear the shoes that hurt, pray for friends so that they may receive the grace to break the chains and yokes that hold them down. "Relationships are only hard when only one person's working on it."

Be careful, my dear friends, how you judge them by the look on their continence. "Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised." Proverbs 31:30 Beautiful attraction is not a guarantee for good behaviour. Looks is deceitful, it will rob you dry of using your real human senses. 

We must see beyond the sights. We must examine mortals beyond the natural looks. We must see beyond the physical and access mortal through inner beauty to understand them better. 

How to Break Human Relation Chains That Holds You Down

To understand human behaviour, we ought to learn how to play the fool. If you think yourself wise in your eye, it is foolishness.

There are human psychology act mortals play on each other. Evil women are mostly attracted to good men, and it's the good in the men that draws her to him because she knows she can easily prey and manipulate him. 

I begin with women in this line of the subject because, after God, women have the most influence over men. Only a fool takes the power of a woman for granted. Men are the liver, but women are the heart of the liver.  

Evil women always attract godly benevolent men, they are drawn to them not for the godliness in them, but for the destruction, they wish to unleased on these innocent men.

Don't be a fool in Love Wise up Brother and Sister

Dysfunctional women are attracted to functional, organize men because they know they will easily thrive in their chaos while the organized man wishes in his small mind; he will love and change the woman. He becomes the victim of dysfunctionality from the woman he loves. Once again, don't be a fool in love. Love wisely. A bird doesn't dance publicly except in a safe nest. 

The majority of men are in prison because of women. Nation has gone to war because of women and nation also has end wars because of women mediation. Once again, never underestimate the power of a woman. They hold the key to a stable family/nation, either good or evil. 

I know some people are always quick to say, there is no divorce in the Bible. However, we're still ready to quote what we don't understand to suit our limited reason. In contrast, Jesus made a very bold statement about Moses issuing a divorce certificate in the Bible. Matthew 19. God's original plans weren't divorced, but because people have a hardened heart, that's why there is divorce. The truth is, many people are living with devils, both male and female alike, who prefer religion to hold their victims in the chain, in the name of religious sentiment. Religion is a mental disease, and it hinders mortal from serving the true God. It is the rules and the tradition of men that impede the work of Christ. 

The truth is bitter. Marriage has no eternal value; Debate with sense.

It is to fulfil the desire of the flesh. Your wife or husband may make you miss heaven. Folks fall out of love because, in the beginning, they didn't marry for love; it was just to use someone to step up. No more, no less. You can never pretend to be in love forever. Soonest reality will catch up with you. Genuine love is base 1 Corinthians 13. Anything out of that will never last. God never falls out of love with us, so likewise, we never fall out of love when we genuinely fall in love with someone.

Many good women end up marrying bad men schemers.  

Evil men are attracted to kind-hearted women. They take advantage of their vulnerability. An insecure man is pretty violence because violence is the weapon of the weak to suppress the strong. You don't need to hit someone to make a point, but you can break people without throwing a blow. 

Why do we have this problem? Will it ever stop. Capital NO! 

Men will always prey on women, and women will still manipulate men. Some fall in love and end up dead while others fall in love and blissed. With toxic partner a disagreement will turn into an argument that will turn into a bigger problem. But with a Divine partner a disagreement will turn into a conversation that will lead towards a solution.
If you are in the chain through the wrong relationship choice you've made, you have a right to break yourself free. Do not allow what people will say or your emotion make you miss out in life.

Understanding human psychology 

Man/woman dilemma

Children – in marriage's original purpose is to strengthen the family bond. Still, toxic marriage with children can also make it difficult for a victim in a bad relationship to break free from bad relationship choices. It takes men or women with a strong will to break free from toxic relationships. It reaches a point abnormality/dysfunctionality is accepted as norms. 

Some people – men/women, are so used to abuse because they've endured it for too long, they think it's the norms, and that's how life goes. You wonder what that woman or man is still doing in the relationship. Women and men are equal victims of abusive relationships.

No one is worth living for except God, man and woman of good conscience. 

Fall in love, but don't be a fool and acting the fool just because you said you are in love, enduring dysfunctionality in the name of foolishness.

Some folks are incredibly evil dysfunctional and are willing to go to hell by dragging others along with them. To hell with your hellish life thou daughter of Jezebel. Thou son of disobedience may God have mercy upon thy soul. I will rather chase my peaceful ways while you go with your destructive and dysfunctional habits, thou son and daughter of Satan.

What some folks called marriage/relationship is nothing but bondage. Bible said Moses started issuing divorce certificates because people's hearts hardened. Matthew 19:8. Nothing has changed. Humanity is still humanity. It is always the same sun that shines during Moses days that still shines today; Same rain, weather, same Adam and Eve descendants. God is still the same, ever-loving, faithful, and merciful, while men consistently increased in their evil ways.

You've one life to live, make your best choice decision. Desire wisdom and may the God of peace grant you eternal peace of mind, health and surround you with loving kind-hearted people. Ise and Amen.

Editor - In - Chief-