There Is Nothing Like Luck. WPPraise

There Is Nothing Like Luck. 
To call someone lucky is usually to deny the relevance of their hard work or talent.

Preparation Must Meet Opportunity, if not opportunity will keep eluding you.
  •     Many people are not prepared to explore opportunity.
  •     Living is not just a waiting game,
  •     You must be prepared for assignments, you just never know when it will come your way.
When you are prepared, when doors open you will enter with a whole mind.  Some of you are not prepared at all, when door of opportunity open you are so scared and frighten that you enter with a closed mind.

Instead of good impression you leave with bad impression, you misrepresent yourself with your old classmate you’ve never seen in years. You expect your classmate to help you, but he was ready to hear what you are doing with your life but there you are casting blames, complaining here and there. Investors do not invest in people who do not know what they are doing their lives.

Every wise investor wants a return of their investment. They want to be sure you know what you are doing with your life and you are ready to light the coal and boil the water not complaining. Don’t just assume everyone have it easy to get themselves to where they are today. That’s why you wonder your old classmate just bought you beer and walk away because you misrepresent yourself.

Even when you are prepared, and you meet folks you think will invest in your dream and they never respond to your needs, you’re never disappointed because you know tomorrow will bring you a better lot. I will prepare today for tomorrow my time will come.

Quit Complaining. Complaining Complicate Life’s
  •     Complain won’t change your situation or make things better.
  •     Channel that same energy finding solution to challenges.
  •     Until you help yourself nobody will help you.
  •     Until we organize ourselves nobody will organize us.
  •     Complaining won’t increase your height but meeting challenge with courage redefine lives and changes a community.
Let nobody fool you real changes come with pain and sacrifices. Always remember labour come before harvest. And, rest after labour is sweeter than honey.

Until we set ourselves free from self-imposed limitations nobody else will do it for us.

All problems are opportunity in disguised.

·   If you are not prepared problems will become a weight in your heart instead of fertile unexplored ideas. 
  •     Every problem is a pointer to something special.
  •     Possibility is the first born while impossibility is after thought. It is not worth considering except you make it relevant.
  •     When you see a problem, God want you to do something about it. When God give you an idea, he means to help you carry it out.
There Is Nothing Like Luck. To call someone lucky is usually to deny the relevance of their hard work or talent.

You must know what you want early in live and really be committed to it. If you are not prepared, opportunity will come and leave you behind. Idleness of the mind is not a friend of productivity. Consumption leads to scarcity but production leads to abundance. If you are just making money and spending it and living above your means, soon you’ll realize you’re broke, selling your clothes to feed yourself and sell your vehicles to pay your rent until you lose your house at the suburb.

To call someone lucky is usually to deny the relevance of their hard work or talent.

You attract what you breathe out. What comes to you is as a result of your preparation. Bread and butter do not fall from the heaven like pebbles of rain. It’s your preparation that determines what comes to your dinner table or your bank account.
  •     If you are not prepared golden opportunity will pass you by.
  •     If you are not prepared change will pass you by.
  •     If you are not prepared opportunity will knock and it will pass you by.
If you are constantly complaining just to get sympathy from folks, you are unprepared opportunity will pass you by. If you keep murmuring, complaining, you’re unprepared. Change your altitude think right and be prepared to explore opportunity.

If you want to go far in live, you must surround yourself with people who know where they are going. That’s why you need the right people around you on the way to the top.

Folks get pull toward you as a result of what is already in you, your ability to pull people towards you depends on what you have to offer. Be a man or woman of substance.  “You’ve got to respect the gift God gave you by learning your craft.” Quincy Jones