The Deception of Social Media and How to Overcom It.

The Scarcity of honest men makes women cheap

3 stages of friendship

·        Professional  stage
·        Mutual stage
·        Intimate stage or Intimate friend

We all need friends not just work colleagues, or business associates but real  genuine friends, real people you can open up to, talk to and lean on. For some, this person is their spouse. But even beyond your spouse, you need friends. Real friends!

Genuine friends are not easy to come by.

We cannot buy it at the shopping mall. Eagles do not perch with birds. It nests at the pinnacle of rocks – hiding away from interference. Real men and women do not build castles amongst ravines. They build their destiny on solids principles. Be friendly but known your friend.  

No, genuine friends are not easy to come by. So, trusts worthy friends are few. Have many friends but known your friend.

The fewer the friends you have that are trust worthy the better the easier it is to manage.  Every tree does not bear good fruits. It’s more profitable to nurture trees that bear fruits than have many trees that depend on your resources without bearing produce. It’s better to disengage yourself from friends who are a weight and unproductive.


The Effect of Social Media to Human Relations

Social media is not making it easy to make friends nowadays with five thousand likes on Face Book, Twitter or Instagram followers. Likes and comments can become obsessions, it distract us from reality.

Honestly, social media is an elusive illogical rationalization; it distracts us from reality – from the real life. We get so much likes, retweets and comments we might become obsessive’s and begin to act out what we see on our computer/phone screen. We stop using our mind and electronics reality takes over our mental faculties.

As such we act irrational, unbalance in our thinking. If our phone/tablet runs out of battery, we get mad, overactive fill with rage and anxiety. Sometime we all need to get ride of that little demon electronic distracting you from having organic conversation with your mortal being.

Our minds and gaze is fixed on the screen, an immovable object while at the same time, we can’t seem to notice someone close by, we walk and fall inside drain, folks get killed while crossing the street, driving and texting because they get distracted by ping ping on their cell phone.

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Cell Phones/Tablets Are Design To Control Our Minds.

They are better in it every day. 3 years old kids get mad when you take their tablets away from them. Why, because their mind has been condition to act and think like robots.

Every day, they feed on electronically merchandise that distracts humans to proper use of their human faculties, like thinking for oneself. When I was a kid we play in the mud, run around the yard, climbing trees, play hide and seek game, and we all grow up healthy and normal human being.

Our parents make the rules and we live by the rules. In some homes nowadays the children break all the rules, while parents are out there chasing elusive ideology. Technology might have advance nothing has change really, human challenges are still the same. Parents need to find balance between chasing money, fame, status and raising their children with good moral foundation, when times are tough that’s what will take them through the storm. As long we are human we would always encounter storms and challenging times.

There are other fun active sports, games kids can get involve in, and parents just need to understand they are not helping the mental development of their baby by feeding them with excessive electronic merchandise. Except you want to raise a robot, who can’t use his or her brain correctly. I doubt any parents want that for their children.

Please limit the amount of time kids, adult spent on PC/phones feeding on electronic merchandise. Active physical sport makes a health body and mind. Not 24/7 video games.

Get out of Social Media get into the real world.

What happened to good old "Saturday visits" to your friend's place? When was the last time you called and spent over 15 minutes on a call and talked about real stuff with that person?

1.      Your financial struggles
2.     Family
3.     Your thinking about etc.
4.     Take yourself to that mentor that you have been claiming and express yourself. Pour your fears out.

Depression, suicide, stress are real. 
Let's connect in the real world!

Suicide rates are very high these days due to lack of community. Social media will isolate you. The negative effect of social media is that, it creates an acute isolation. Instantaneous satisfaction lack deep spiritual meaning.

Social media creates distrust, fear of the real world. Because we are too into phone/TV screen, our heads are down, bend on inanimate objects, it hurts our backs and kills our conversational skills.

That's Why We Should Not Neglect Community.

Man is a social animal, he exist within community of peers. He's survival sanity depends on the community. That's why some time mortals need to take a big break from social media and do organic conversation. Pick up your phone and call and talk to someone. Go visit a close and trust worthy friend, cook and enjoy a meal together at home:

1.      Go for a walk  in the park, 
2.     Go barbecue
3.     Go fishing
4.     Get the kids out of the house without cell phones or tablets, set them lose at the park, let them smell nature. 
5. Visit your village and refresh your mind and soul from negative city energy

Parents should please endeavour not to create fear in the hearts of their children as if whenever they go out snakes will bite them. We only need to teach them survival skills. God didn’t create us dummies, he gave us brains – five senses to act and think for ourselves. Kids are smart enough to make wise decision. When we were kids we play and play until night falls. We came out fine.

Take a break from texting, looking at that screen, feel your humanity feel your humanity.

Social media create irrational thinking 

Excessive social media use retards the minds, it incapacitates our ability to think our self and act correctly, and it gradually destroys our human capability.  It turns us to robot, mechanical object addicts. That's why we need to limit social media, electronic use, especially, cell phone, tablets, laptop, computer games.

A time will come in America – in the world which we are already experiencing that billions will be spent to help folks think and act like human again. Addiction to instantaneous media- social media has dealt a blow to human relationships, both young and old. Fake news is nothing but vulture carcasses. But the Good Book say it. In the last days, there shall be fake news; men will rather buy the lie than the truth.

For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.” 2 Timothy 4:3-4 

This is a global phenomenal. Does technology has the power to run and control our minds? Yes, it can. How is it possible? Because our minds concentration is beam toward inanimate objects instead of reality we lost ourselves in commercialism. We are so glue, attached to what technology feeds to our hearts that our minds drive us out of reality to abnormality.

Have you been at a restaurant recent, couples who are supposed to be on a date are glue to their phone instead of enjoying a meal in conversation with each other? Imagine at home, kids are upstairs daddy and mommy is down stairs, instead of verbally communication someone is texting back and forth.

Instead of eating dinner together, someone has a plate of food in one hand and phone, tablets on the other hand, as if the phone is going to run away. 

There is time for everything. A time for work a time to play, a time to be merry and dance, a time to cook and a time to eat. Sweet hearts, please take a break from looking at the screen – that inanimate object concentrate on visible human craving for your attention

Organic Conversation:

What's organic conversation? Organic conversation is voice call, when we pick up our phone and call someone, we feel closer to that person, that’s organic conversation.

Texting is not organic but electronic. While voice call transmitted electronically creates bonds, assurance, affections, security and reassurances.  A problem shared is a problem solved.

Call me dear, I really love hearing your voice

It calm my dear soul that everything will be alright
when last did you call your parents, children someone who care about you?

Visitation: bring organic conversation closer home.

SMS (Short Message Service)

Its original purpose is for short quick transmission of information’s. Technology is good but often folks abuse technology at the detriment of their health. We got to find balance my dear friends.  

The Negative Effect Of Social Media

·        It creates unrealistic expectations about live and it leads us out of reality into electronically unrealistic world.

·        It alienate, isolate and distant us from real people and from the real world into instantaneous gratification.

·        We cannot survive without community because man is a social animal. We all need community to drive us back to sanity.

·        When social media takes over our mind and it becomes the driver of our minds, it turns us to zombies.

·        It tells us what to do.

·        Because of constant use we loss memory that we start to forget things quickly.

·        We become irrational thinkers, get annoy when electronic is talking to you and really human beings is trying to get your attention. 

Advantages of Social Media

·        Effective communication is the back bone of a harmonious relationship. Many of us need to limit cell phone use.  While not give up electronic gadgets for a week and see the different it will have in your health. If you don’t tweet one or post one day you won’t die.

·        This technology is very good if we learn how to use it without abusing it to our detriment. If you know how to use it, it can help grow your business, increase your output and sales.

·        As a community organizer, it can help you reach and organize your community better with positive message.

How did you use social media, cell phone, and tablet? Does the technology control you or you are in charge?

Love you and be kind to humanity and love people as much as you love yourself.

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