Daily Dish by WPP Jr

Failures birth genius. Imperfections birth perfection. Weakness birth strengths. Some see themselves from their point of weaknesses – imperfections, mistakes but others see themselves from their point of strength, though weak, and full of mistakes they are not afraid to confront their lapses – failures and make improvements, that's why they become genius. While some fall and rises up others fall's and stay down and ask for a pillow. Why stay down when you can get up and walk. Don't stay defeated, arise and stay elevated. There's a boat waiting to take you to dry ground.

Genuine success comes with enormous sacrifice. 
You have to be willing to live with failures to attract greater stability. If you are not ready to fail and learn as much as you can from your failures and mistakes, you are not yet ready to succeed as much as you can. If running the race means winning all the time, what kind of race is that?

Get fallacy out of your mind that paint living in fantasy rather than reality. God don't send manner from heaven anymore.  That's the way of babes. He hides the treasures at the secret compartment of the earth.

We must work hard to unearth hidden treasures. Nothing good comes cheap and easy. We got to work hard and smart, with integrity to build destiny. Because, what you get too cheaply, you esteemed too lightly.

Real men are treasures seekers. Dust are not gold and ashes are not precious stone. If gold become dust and ashes becomes precious stones, then, what value is it? Worthless pieces of rubbish. That's what it is.

Did you want genuine success and prosperity, go and get it. "Yes we can!"

·        Waste neither time or money. Ephesians 5:16.
·        Make good use of every opportunity you have, work circumspectly because, it is an evil days. Ephesians 5:15-16.

The world is a public stage we all act and play. Those who understand their acts become genius and stars of their stage. There are those who watch history made and there are those who made history. Chose the side you belong and go to work. Idle mind beget empty wallets. 

author/Inspirational Speaker
(from Iwagegbe Family)