Daily Dish by WPP Jr

Finding a wife is one thing and getting a good wife is another. Sometimes good girls turn bad while bad girls turn good. It just depend on the angel or devil that finds her , Sometimes the way a woman treats you is a reflection of how you might have treated her. 

Men keep shouting GOOD WIFE , GOOD WIFE how many of them are good? Some men don't even know how to treat a lady and they keep shouting bad wife . sometimes changing a situation starts with you. Why not love that girl even with her flaws and make her feel like the best in the world, make other girls jealous of her and see whether the devil in her won't leave. 

The most important quality to look for in a wife is:
  1. God fearing girl- if she isn't God fearing nothing for you bro and I don't mean going to church/mosque, at least you have Almighty to report her to when she misbehaves.
  2. Care - if she isn't caring your life would suck, your children would lack a good parental care.
  3. Attitude - Once she has a good attitude, respectful, loving with a good anger management, Uh huh! Marry her.
  4. Intelligent- A little bit of intelligence will do. She doesn't have to be an A student at least average.
If you have a girl with this 4 qualities make her your wife. A man is not a fool who marry the woman that he loves

If you marry because of beauty. My guy you will see more pretty girls, go for something that will keep your mojo running for the next 70 years and you won't get tired.

The best time to find your heaven made wife is when you are trying to make it because you'll be frustrated if a girl marries you because of your money. One thing you can't fake till eternity is love.

Just because a man falls in love with a girl does mean he owe her a dime. But the fact is, when a man and a woman truly love each other they live their life a pleasure for each other. Selfishness is the bane of all marital and relationship woes. It's better to love than to hate. Let there be love.

Williams Patrick Praise Jr
author/inspirational speaker
     (from Iwaegbe family)

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