Dailly Dish by WPP Jr

A man is the most beautiful part of God's creation who starts compromising at a very tender age.

He sacrifices his chocolates . . .  for his sister.

He sacrifices his dreams . . . for just a smile on his parents face.

He spends his entire pocket money on buying gifts for the lady . . .  he loves . . . just to see her smiling

He sacrifices his full youth for his wife and children . . .  by working late at night without any complain.

He builds . . . their future by taking loans from banks and repaying them for lifetime.

He struggles a lot and still has to bear scolding from his mother, wife and boss.

His life finally ends up only by compromising for others' happiness.

If he raises hands on a woman, then he's cruel.

If he gets hit by a woman, then he's a sissy.

If he picks up a fight seeing his girl with another guy, then he's jealous and insecure.

If he remains silent, then he's a coward.

If he goes out, then he's careless.

If he stays at home, then he's lazy.

If he scolds children, then he's a monster.

If he doesn't scold, then he's an irresponsible guy.

If he stops wife from working, then he's an insecure guy.

If he doesn't stop wife from working, then he's somebody who lives on wife's earnings.

If he listens to mom, then he's mama's boy.

If he listens to wife, he's wife's slave.

Respect every male in your life. You will never know what he has sacrificed for you.

Williams Patrick Praise Jr
author/inspirational speaker
 (from Iwaegbe Family)


Having lots of money does not necessary guarantee happiness. In fact, it can actually create an endless vacuum, spiritual emptiness. Although wealth can buy earthly things but it does not necessary guarantee happy living. The real things in live is free. True love, which begets patience, loyalty, healthy living life style money cannot buy it. It comes freely if we surrender and recognize the divinity within us. Believe in God does not depreciates humanity rather it appreciate humanity and trigger greater light in every area of their life. 

The more light we having coming into our life the lighter we become and happier we become. “The path of a righteous man is like the shining light that shines brighter unto the perfect day.” Proverbs 4:18

Most fatigues, stresses folks suffer emanate from unforgives, bitterness and anger. You are not doing anybody favour when you live a life of forgiveness and free yourself from bitterness. You are actually smart for empting yourself of the negative power this wicked world wants to infest on you. The more we empty ourselves of the negativity of this world the greater liberty we obtain and the happier living becomes.

Those who live their life for others the older they live the happier and fulfilled they become and the more their lives appreciate. While the bitter ones who makes living difficult for others folks the older they become the more their life depreciate and the more unhappy they become. Tender heart leaves their mark. Wishing you happiness long life and prosperity.

Williams Patrick Praise Jr
author/inspirational speaker
    (from Iwaegeb family)

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