Daily Dish by WPP Jr

Intelligence is not the sole right of one race. The development that mortality has attain and the inventions we see all around us are the contributions of all human race. We Africans, whether in Africa or in the diaspora are victim of misrepresented and corrupted history which seeks to portray Africans as lazy consumer than contributor. Our history is constantly narrated from Eurocentric perspective to glorify the agenda of colonialist sentiment. To degrade Africans as incompetent who cannot survive without its oppressors. It is 21st century nothing much has change. African is still been portray by Western press and NGO as a hungry child in rag, shoeless with begging bow in his or her hand. 

Charities exploit and promote negative image of Africa to rake in billions of dollars from vulnerable kind people, all to benefit themselves and line their pockets. Whereas Africa does not need charity but partnership. Africa has never be a charity case and will never be as many think it is. Africa is a producing continent who gave civilization to the world. 

My advice to our good friends in the North please investigate before you throw away your hard money into so called charity/NGO who are begging money on behalf of Africa. Most of these NGO/Charity are set up for the wrong reason to steal and line someone pocket.

Tell it to your children, celebrate Africans.
Let honour our hard working men and women. Celebrate our mothers. If you strike African woman you’ll hit a rock. It is only Africans who can tell the true story of Africa. Because, it is the owner of a house you ask where he keep his thing.
Its Black History month. From Nile to Niger, from Zambezi to Limpopo, to the diaspora, let revisit and celebrate our history today.  All God’s children are beautiful.
From Mount Kilimanjaro Africa is rising steadily and strong. So, let arise and celebrate black history.

Black inventors you should know:




Charles Drew

Pioneer of the Modern Blood Bank





Daniel Hale Williams

Pioneer of Open Heart Surgery




Elijah McCoy

Inventor of the Automatic Lubricator





Fred Jones

Developed Refrigeration System for Trucks




Garrett Morgan

Inventor of a Traffic Signal and Gas Mask









George Washington Carver

Invented Thousands of Uses for the Peanut

Patricia Bath

Created a Laser Surgical Device.

Jan Matzeliger

Invented an Automated Shoe Lasting Device

Lewis Latimer

Invented an Improved Light Bulb

Madam C.J. Walker

Created a Black Hair Products Empire

Lonnie Johnson,
A nuclear and mechanical engineer, invented toys such as the Super Soaker to generate capital to develop more complex devices

Percy Julian

Pioneer in the Field of Synthetic Chemistry

Know your history today and stop allowing other people to tell your Africa story please visit the website below and read full story. Please share.

Williams Patrick Praise Jr
Author/Inspirational speaker
  (From IWAEGBE family)