HOME SWEET HOME - All You Need Is Love

HOME SWEET HOME - All You Need Is Love  By WPPJr

Thank God for sweet mama’s breast milk.

Honey comes from bees and it’s so delicious. Bees make healthy honey too well but when bees sting you, it’s not so sweet dear. An infant child knows mothers breast milk when it meet the lips. Breast milk is deliciously healthy for babies.

If there is sugar in your honey and if there is honey in your sugar its mostly likely you first tasted it at home. Mother’s breast milk it’s so refreshingly healthy infants had it for breakfast lunch and dinner and they wake up another day, weeks, and months and keep asking for more. The beauty of nature is calmness and healthiness. Thank God for sweet mama’s breast milk.

The Home is the greatest institution of all.
It's a place of nurturing tender care and love. All we need is love, a stable home to thrive and fulfil God’s purpose for our lives.

The Home is a centre of learning.
The first words that drop from our lips we learn it from home.

Parents are the best educator there is to their children. Whatever kids learns in the world – in school will only compliment what they were taught at home.

If you are not a good parent, your children are at the mercy of a wicked world. If children can’t learn wise ways from home whatever the world throws at them, whether good or evil, they either accept it or reject it.

It’s not the sole responsibility of school teachers or principles to instruct kids on manners, that’s the responsibility of parents. At school, they learn Math, English, Geography, History, Esan and Hausa languages etc. In school, they never taught us how to be men or women. That’s what we learn at home and the exercise of our intellectual capability helps us gain experience and become best in what we do. Manhood or womanhood begins from self discovery.

God Gave Us Children To Be Custodian To Them.
Although you birth raise and nurture them to adulthood, they aren’t yours. One day they will leave you to pursue their destiny and chase their own stars. When a fruit is ripe it fall down to the earth germinate and give birth to the order of their kind. Likewise is humanity.

He will touch you

We are created for multi multiplications.
Every one of us– male or female, children or adults has their distinct role to fulfil. We all have our race to run. No one run the race better than the owner of a race. Competition between masculine and feminine is unnecessary if we realize our purpose because living is about purpose not selfishness. True love is selfless.     

You may have 5 children, not all of them will care for you while you’re old. It does not matter how much you invest in each of them. As you grow older, some of your children will see you as liability, although you sacrifice a lot for them, your old age might just be a burden to them. They may only show up during Election Day, it might take months before they remember to phone you, maybe even years, before they come to say, hello. All you know, your children have kids but 10 years down the road you haven’t sets your eyes on your grand kids. Although you live in same country but that’s the painful irony of mortal experience. The complete meaning of living is not fully grasped by mortalities, only God knows it all. Education is often misunderstood by many. Acquiring all certificates does not mean an end to learning. Live is a continue school of learning of graduation, the day we stop learning that day we begin to die.

That’s why parents should keep in mind, when kids are born, grown, they will depart from you someday and never to return again. Some are just waiting to be of age, looking for the next exist and move on with their lives.

A man and woman ought to love each to the end because that’s the reward for their labour under the sun. A best friend is never cook and eaten. True love last forever but unreal love, fades away and makes relationships a daily struggles. While true love get better with time fake love just fades with time. We can pretend but we can’t fake love forever. A bad apple can’t hide forever inside a basket.

The Home Is A Cultural Centre.

Seven colours make up a rainbow likewise a home is filled with colourful characters. Culture is a way of life of a people. It is a reflection of who we are and what we ought to be.

Every child is unique love them equally– each with their distinct personalities, talent and gift. If they can find their true self the world will come looking for them. Even with all the best education – upbringing, there is a rough jungle out there that’s why parent’s plans can’t beat God’s original master plan for a child. Prayer works miracle. After parents has done all the best they could they should really pray for their children.

The Home is like a rose garden filled with beautiful blossoming flowers, embedded in undying love. When true love reigns in our homes and hearts dancing become easier and smiling becomes normal and loving become more loving with warm arm of embrace that ravished our beings.

I will rather eat fresh fruits of love that meet the lips for dinner than go to bed with a bitter heart. When you go to bed bitter you will wake up with more bitterness and melancholy. So free yourself from misery and relieve your mind and heart from those things that makes you bitter and hating living, getting angry over little things that don’t matter.

The Home is a discipline centre,
where we learn and grow from the mistakes we make. If a child learns to accept his or herself at home is easier for him or her to live in the world.

The Home is a fun centre.
If there is no laughter and play at home where else shall we find it? If mommy and daddy can’t laugh, play with the kids, dance and poke fun at each other, what use is that home? You can’t be serious all the time. Living without laughter and jokes makes living boring. A real man should get in the kitchen sometime and cook a delicious meal for his family. It’s romantic you know;

The Home is a place of moral up bringing
The Home is a place of healing, emotionally, spiritually and physically.
It is a place of protection. If there is no protection at home where else shall mortal be nurtured into compassionate being?

The Home is a school, a military training camp. It has its rules and regulation without it there's is chaos anarchy and confusion. Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6. Unfortunately, some folks have adult body but they are still children in their minds. Children cannot raise children. That’s why many homes are in shambles nowadays.

The Home is a catering school: “Hey, please don’t mess with my old fashion oat meal breakfast on the stove. I like it hot with goat milk, dear.” Thanks

The important section in a house is the:
1.       KitchenAll you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt.” ― Charles M. Schulz. A hungry man is an angry man. Good food provokes happy conversation sweet heart. Cooking is an art – is like decoration, you have to use your creative imagination to prepare a healthy delicious meal.

In an organized home, male or female are domesticated, cooking and house chores are everyone’s obligation. Great dads are fantastic cooks.

2.     Bathroom.

3.     The bedrooms and most important of all the "other room" where warm arm of embrace is sacred in the home. The rest are extras.

The Home belongs to a woman
A man and a woman falls in love with each other they marry and begin to build a home. How refreshing it is to come to a home embellish by a creative imagination of a loving woman. It’s like sweet organic potato pie; you taste it and want more.

The woman is divinely empowered to organize and build a stable home. For a man to honour and respect a woman it begins with the woman and the responsibility of a woman begins from the home. That’s why when love go savour she’ll throw your suit case at the side walk, take the kids away, although you build the house. I don't understand why some men and women fight over custody when they divorce; leave the children to the mother, save lawyer fee for kids up keep. Find common ground so everyone may find inner healing and fulfil one’s obligations in peace. Using children as bait to get to the woman or man will affect the kids physiologically. 

Woman is graciously endowed. We men need not tell woman how to dance harmoniously because every woman has motherhood trait in her. It's that compassionate mother hood trait that humble, influence and changes a man. It's that graciously loving understanding motherhood love that a woman should share with the man that she loves. The only reason some men do not appreciate real women is because they are not true to them self.

Oh my dear loving deer, my pumpkin pie, I can behold your being in my heart like a mirror in the sun. Oh dear, shouting constantly and nagging, speaking negatively, controlling, pulling down doesn't change mortals. It hardens hearts and turns lover away from their beloved. We can't change people if we're not willing to change our self first. We all, male and female should bury the hatchet – our ego, selfishness so that peace will reign where there is love.

If two can't agree they can’t live together. Unfortunately, some marriages are like tooth and gravel, it wasn't meant to be. We are all prone to costly mistakes. Marrying the wrong person is one such mistake. When you have the wrong key at the mouth of the door constant struggle is inevitable, likewise is live if we marry the wrong person.

Women exercises lots of power over men unfortunately some uses this power to pull quite a lot of good men down instead of pulling them up. God create human for perfection. Our rebellion breeds our imperfection, it impede our growth and thwart happy living. 

Manhood is more than trousers and muscles. 
Womanhood is more than skirt and blouse. Man and woman are intricately interwoven being, capable of peaceful coexistence, harmonious living between masculine and feminine.

Man and woman worth and success are a reflection of each other. Whether his mother sister or wife or brother or husband hubby.

Woman and man see each other fall in love and get married; a void is filled and settled. A man can't be what a woman is and a woman can't be what a man is. But just be yourself and be beautiful! Let the smiles on your face makes someone's day. It cost us nothing really when we smile. Be to them what you want them to be to you. The simpler we live the simpler living becomes. God made man plain and simple but we have made ourselves complex and complicated.

Never stop living happily because the sun never stops smiling at you. Those who have found true love please keep loving. Those who have not found please keep searching, never give up on love. The day you give up on loving you give up living entirely.

Williams Patrick Praise Jr
Author/Inspirational Speaker
Community Organizer

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